Industrial Filters Product Photography


Industrial filtration specialist SCS Filtration has a huge range of products; we were asked to photograph a group of filters and related products.

We utilised our custom-made underlit table for some shots to remove the natural drop shadow without the need for etching; others we used a more traditional white underlay and backdrop with our standard white strobe lighting for a natural cast and traditional shading and highlighting.

These products varied in size from thumbnail-sized valves up to the four-part industrial baffle shown here at about 70cm in height.

Our backdrops, lights, cameras and lenses can easily handle products as small as jewellery up to standing human-sized portraits; in the past our photographer has used similar equipment to photograph camper trailer tents fully erected.

For a number of years Matt at Fondu has been my Go-to Guy for Web Development, Graphic Design and Product Photography and the results are never short of fantastic. I’m always looking forward to Fondu’s involvement in my future projects!

Seb Ganci

Technical Sales, SCS Filtration