about us

We are Fondu, a studio created to meet the needs of small business.

We can do almost anything relating to design, marketing and communications for small and medium business.

Through our years of experience working in-house, in studio, freelance and both with and without established brand style, we’ve built an understanding of how businesses communicate with their market.

We’ve developed a framework and a set of processes to enhance our understanding, delivery and communication with our clients – tailor-made for small and medium business.

Our clients say we’re easy to deal with, calm, and make an effort to get into their shoes and look at the problem from their perspective. They talk about how we gently step them through our processes, and how the result is perfect, and often, a game-changing experience for their business. Which is the point.

That’s why our operating slogan around here is this:

Listen. Understand. Deliver.

We’re refreshingly down-to-earth.

If you have an established visual style, we’ll work with that. If you’d like us to do something different, that’s fine – we can do that too.

Need help with a sort-of-related project? We can probably help. We have lots of skills, and are happy to help with almost anything.

Put it this way:

What do you need done?
Can we help? Yes, we can.

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