Sukhavati Bliss Magazine
Sukhavati Bliss Magazine


Sukhavati Health Retreat & Spa offers a unique opportunity to heal, rest, recover and regenerate your mind, body and soul in Bali.

Our vision is to create boutique retreats that specialise in wellness through traditional knowledge, teaching and healing in unique and beautiful locations. To fulfil our goal of giving a direct experience of the true inner nature of the self, the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda and the Vedic wisdom of life and living are used to restore our true nature of wellness – bliss and long life in enlightenment.

Our senior designer was asked to develop a magazine for Sukhavati to use as a gift for visitors as well as serving as a flagship publication for promotional activities and a preview for prospective retreat visitors.

The resulting publication was 32 pages of unique, but complimentary designs linked under a common page framework, giving the finished piece a cohesive feel that gave each story a unique treatment. We worked with the client to ensure the production values in print and finishing were totally professional while also working with the relatively small production run.