2017 Empower Rehab PMIP Workbook
10 years of Empower Rehab PMIP Workbooks

10 years of Empower Rehab workshop manuals


This year marks 10 years of Empower Rehab running their “Pain Management in Practice” training workshops, and for us producing workshop manuals for them.

Empower are great friends of ours, and right from the start placed an emphasis on producing manuals that aided the education of their attendees. Our underlying design principle relates to design doing enough to get the message across, and then getting out of the way: these workbooks are testament to that philosophy.

Looking back, we see clear lineage between the very first edition and today’s thoroughly professional version (if you squint, you can see the origins of Empower’s ‘heartbeat’ logo in the cover graphics of the 2008 edition); and that strength of vision, and excellence in execution, has consistently presented Empower as the professional, organised entity that it is.

Happy birthday Empower! Congratulations from your friends at Fondu.