Realm Logo


Identity Development :: 2004

Working in-house for a largely-outdoor lifestyle product manufacturer, our senior designer was tasked with developing a brand for an interior decorative extension brand.

An excellent example of a succinct, sharp, single word brand that evokes just the right kinds of qualities, emotions and responses, “Realm” was a great, available brand for this innovative range of attractive interior decorations.
Evoking a sense of pride, beauty, and ownership over one’s space, the next task was to evoke and reinforce the same qualities in the graphic presentation of the identity.

A simple customised serif word mark was developed, and in general presented hovering over a then-fashionable rich dark timber background (in reality, a photograph of the designer’s home dining table), further presenting this brand as an aspirational, luxurious, beautiful, rich and of ideal quality to add to the discerning home owner’s space, indeed, their realm.