2017 Empower Rehab PMIP Workbook
2017 Empower Rehab PMIP Workbook
2017 Empower Rehab PMIP Workbook
2017 Empower Rehab PMIP Workbook

SCS Filtration Product Specification Catalogue 2020


SCS Filtration make filtration products used by industry in pressurised air environments. There are a massive range of suppliers in such fields – SCS make their own products as well as replacement parts for OEM systems. 

As such, their product specification catalogue was a D-ring bound monster of a book – full of critical product data and running to several hundred pages.

We were asked to develop a new catalogue – our focus was on usability; developing a style consistent with SCS’s branding and sympathetic to their existing publications. Information had to be easily found, and consistently presented. 

The sheer number of products meant splitting the document into two volumes to enhance utility. Finally, we exported the two documents as screen-optimised and fully bookmarked PDF files to assist the Customer Service team.

When I presented Matt with our latest project – a monster company catalogue containing well over 300 pages – he didn’t even flinch. He happily took it under his wing, keeping us informed and providing clear explanations for all of his work along the way.
The end result was beyond our expectations and also beyond any of our competitors’ catalogues. Well done again!
Sebastian Ganci
Technical Sales and Marketing
SCS Filtration