Success Without Stress Brochure
Success Without Stress Brochure
Success Without Stress Brochure

Griffith Consulting – Success Without Stress Brochure


Griffith is an Australian Consulting Group specialising in strategic organisational transformation in leadership development strategic planning, implementation of cultural change and people engagement.

Our senior designer began working with the Griffith team in 2014 to help migrate their visual identity to a brighter, more precise and unique style. A series of brochures were developed for a range of uses and purposes – some short, some long. To help maintain a sense of cohesion, the now-familiar square format was adopted across the range of brochures, and a visual treatment was developed – colours, typefaces, spacing.

As a result, modern Griffith publications are entirely professional, unique and impressive.

This is a sample of one such publication, providing an overview for a leadership development programme.

When it comes to design you want someone with fresh ideas that’s also easy to work with, we found that with Matt. The turn around in projects is quick which is great for our business yet nothing seems rushed.

Stephanie Jackson

Griffith Consulting