Vintage LED Range Photography


Our friends at Vintage LED needed new product photographs in a brighter style (previously we’d shot bulbs for them over black backgrounds).

Earlier this year we’d built a purpose-designed product booth for a more controlled photography environment – this bulb shoot was the ideal opportunity to use it; bulbs varied in size from the Ø40mm Fancy G45 and similarly tiny Candle with E14 and B12 fittings through to the gorgeous (and, at 250mm tall, massive) A165s in both clear and gold glass.

We did a separate shoot for Pendant kits fitted with the two A165 bulbs, with a more shaded background.

Bulbs present an interesting photography challenge – they’re both a light source, and being glass, full of reflections and refractions whilst essentially being invisible themselves. Never mind the challenge of half the product essentially being inside the light fitting to have them working 😉

The key to a successful shoot therefore is to manage the surrounding lighting conditions and elements that reflect in the bulb’s glass. Naturally, once we have those issues solved, product photography of similarly (or less) transparent or reflective items is that much easier, meaning better results for the client.